External PCIe x4 to PCIe x8 (x4 mode) Slot Docking Enclosure

  • PCIe x8 Slot Supports Four PCI Express Lanes Bandwidth 
  • Support Half-Size PCIe x4/x8 Add-in-Card
  • Quad-lane External PCIe Connector (38pin iPass™) 
  • Single DC 12V Input
  • No Power Switch (Power On/Off Control by PCIe Cable Adapter automatically)
  • Provide Power indicator LEDs for power and 3.3Vaux
  • Provide two Ear Brackets for different ways of fixed support 

EPCIEX4D01E is an external PCIe x4 to PCIe x8 (x4 mode) Slot Docking Enclosure. The EPCIEX4D01E expands PCI Express connectivity from your desktop computer, enabling seamless, high performance, and reliable control of remote PCIe device. 
No additional software or drivers are needed – the remote devices operate as if they were directly installed in your computer.
Designed to overcome the limited PCIe connectivity of most desktop computers, the EPCIEX4D01E can be quickly and easily set up for multi-I/O, high throughput, or hazardous applications.

In particularly rugged environments, your desktop computer can be placed at a secure location up to 7 meters (for PCIe Gen 1.0) or 100 meters (with PCIe A.O.C) away. High performance and reliable communication is maintained with the well-shielded extension cable or A.O.C (Active Optical Cable), and the docking station is designed to withstand high or low temperatures, vibrations and shocks. In addition, the isolation between core components and docked PCIe devices eliminates any possible electromagnetic interference between them.

This Application includes a PCIe Cable Adapter Card, a robust Docking Enclosure (EPCIEX4D01), and a PCIe Cable. The PCIe Cable Adapter Card fits into a PCIe slot (x4, x8 or x16) in the host computer and communicates to PCIe x4 device installed in the docking station.

Application 1:
For PCIe Copper Cable

Application 2:
For PCIe Active Optical Cable (AOC)

If you need more USB ports for long distances, you can install USB 3.0 host card on the EPCIEX4D01E and it can be placed up to 100 meters by PCIe AOC.