USB Bus-Power Injector for USB AOC

QU3AOCPI01E is a USB Bus-Power Injector for USB 3.x A.O.C (Active Optical Cable) long distance application. It will not only supply 5V to power the USB 3.x A.O.C module but also USB device. QU3AOCPI01E is a wide range input DC-to-DC converter uses the Synchronous Rectifier Controller to step-down a 9V to 24V input to 5V. The input voltage source should be capable of supplying from 9VDC to 24VDC and rated for at least 3A of current. For best results the input leads should be made with a wire of 22 gauge or larger wire. The output load was configured to draw 5VDC between 0A and 8A. QU3AOCPI01E integrated four sets (8-port) of USB 3.x Std-A receptacle connector to Std-A receptacle connector and supply 5V as USB bus-power to each USB 3.x Std-A receptacle connector.

USB 電源 for USB 3.0 光纖線