1394b Active Cable & 1394b Long Hual Cable

1394b Long-Haul Active Cable (20/40m) Beta 9 pin plug to Beta 9 pin plug with Jackscrew on both Ends (CB-00539)

1394 long hual cable -- 1394b active cable - beta to beta
1394b active cable

 The 1394b Long-Haul Active Cable (CB-00539) integrated two coax transceivers and is designed to simultaneously transmit and receive signals on a single 75Ω coax cable, extending your signal an additional 20 or 40 meters. It's easy to setup and there is no configuration necessary, like all IEEE1394 compliant hardware.
The 1394b Long-Haul Active Cable (CB-00539) is ideally suited for IEEE 1394b-2002 connections over 75Ω coax cable at S800 data rate as specified in the 1394 TA Baseband Coax PMD Specification. It can also be used at S400, S200 and S100 data rates. The 1394b Active Cable connects seamlessly to any IEEE 1394b-2002 compliant physical layer controller (PHY). For correct operation the signals must be NRZ (non-return-to-zero) encoded, DC balanced with a maximum run length of 10 bits, and have a speed (edge rate) of between 100Mbps and 1.25Gbps.
This 1394b Long-Haul Active Cable (CB-00539) is useful and economical solution for the Machine Vision, Surveillance and FireWire Storage market.

more information: http://www.ioi.com.tw/products/proddetail.aspx?CatID=102&HostID=2009&Cable_HostID=4004&ProdID=1020110